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Sex Therapy for Individuals & Couples

San Diego California & Online

What is Sex Therapy? Intimacy, Relationships & Sexuality

Sexuality is a part of the human experience. Whether you are exploring sexuality individually or as a couple, it plays a role in your life, so why don’t we discuss it more often? It is common to have challenges come up on your sexual health journey, whether it is related to performance, quality, function, and/or values. Unfortunately, due to the taboo around sex that remains in our society, and that can often be exasperated by various sociocultural messages, when things change in your sex life or we are no longer satisfied, it can be difficult to admit or seek help. 


As an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, it is my expertise and responsibility to help you on your journey to sexual health and wellness. I work with individuals and couples on understanding themselves as sexual beings, whether this relates to their individual journey or within their relationships. I do this through helping you explore your sexual identity, expression and behaviors, as they relate to your goals and values. This work is done through talk therapy. My work includes Women’s Sexuality, Men’s Sexuality, Couples and the LGBTQI community.


Common Issues I Work With

Anatomy Drawing
  • Orgasm concerns

  • Pregnancy & Fertility issues

  • Postpartum 

  • Sexual trauma

  • Body image

  • Performance concerns

  • Painful intercourse

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Infidelity

  • Loss of interest/libido

  • Desire/arousal concerns

  • Premarital counseling

  • Marital Counseling / Relationship counseling

  • Sexual behavior experienced as problematic/compulsive

  • Sexual identity development

  • The interplay of religion & spirituality with sex 

Lets Talk About Sexual Health

I view sexual health as a fundamental value and essential piece of health and well-being, in all of its forms and variations, unique to each individual. Sexual health, "requires a respectful and positive approach to sexual behavior and sexual pleasure (and) balances sexual rights such as safety, consent, non-coercion, non-discrimination with congruence between individual and societal sexual values, behavior and desires regarding sex with oneself and with others," (Harvey Institute). Through this perspective, it is my belief that sexual health is a part of the basic pillars, alongside mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.

A Positive and Respectful Approach

I view sexual health as an essential piece of your health and well-being. This is unique to each individual. Sexual health looks feels and sounds different for everyone. In individual or couple sex therapy, it is important we first find out what having a "healthy" or "ideal" sex life would look like for you and for your relationship, before starting the part of our work together to help you achieve that.

Bring the Spark Back

Many individuals and couples I work with express a loss of intimacy and optimal sexuality. Do you desire a deeper connection? Sex is a major part of life and when your intimacy is not where you would like it to be, it can feel like it is all you are thinking about. It is possible to cultivate pleasure and connection, to grow as a partner and within your relationship, bringing that intimacy and connection back into your relationship. It is also possible to heal from past trauma through this work. Talking about sex is where it all begins. This work often includes:


  • Exploring sexual narrative through individual therapy

  • Processing societal/cultural messages received regarding sex & sexuality

  • Understanding desire & arousal patterns

  • Cultivating sexuality

  • Couples work on sexual temperaments

  • Couples work on exploring sexual lifestyle

Working with Parents through Sex-Positive Parenting

In my work with parents and youth, I help offer support to parents who are challenged with answering the difficult questions related to sexual health and may not always be confident in how to answer. My work with parents includes:


  • Creating a sex-positive environment in the home

  • Learning language to use with children when discussing sexual health

  • Supporting transition through puberty

  • Psychoeducation on safe sex practices

  • Supporting a child who is exploring gender identity

  • Supporting a child who is exploring sexual orientation

  • Providing parent-support resources

  • Exploring resistance to being open with child about sexual health topics

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