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Couples Therapy & Counseling

San Diego California & Online

Rebuilding Relationships

Relationship Enhancement

Are you feeling a lack of intimacy and connection in your relationship? Are you having issues feeling validated and understood? Now could be a great time to get professional counseling from a certified AASECT sex therapist. It can feel scary to bring another person into your relationship and ask for help, I recognize and validate the courage it takes to do so. I am here to support you. It is important you know that while you are asking me for help through my clinical training, you are always the expert to your relationship and we go at your pace to meet your stated goals. 

“I work with your relationship and provide guidance and support so that you can learn together how to enrich your relationship through intentional change.”

Positive Space for All Intimate Relationships

I honor the diversity of all intimate relationships and provide a sex positive space that welcomes the exploration of sexual expression, sexuality, gender, and all relationship structures and constellations. I help you understand your patterns that may not be working for you and your relationship goals and offer you new ways of engaging with one another that are more aligned with your values.


“I am kink, open/nonmonogamy, poly educated and friendly.” 

I offer a non-judgemental space where you and your partner(s) will be supported to explore sexual expression, sexuality, and gender. Part of my work involves supporting the relationship you have with yourself through guiding a healthy appreciation and love of yourself, which lends itself to learning how to show up with the best version of yourself in your relationship. Together, we can learn how to heal and rebuild trust and intimacy in your relationship.

Rekindle Your Connection

In a positive environment, we will unfold your reasons for seeking couples therapy which may include: understanding each other more deeply, developing healthier communication habits, infidelity, infertility, separation/divorce, premarital counseling, sexual script/temperament discrepancies, life transitions, becoming parents, and loss or illness. 

Depending on your unique relationship needs, therapy can include: 

  • Communication skills training

  • Intimacy enhancement & education 

  • Exploration of arousal/libido discrepancies within the relationship 

  • Technique enhancement 

  • Mindful sex technique training and exploration.

Start Loving

Through a better understanding of self and each other, you will create the extraordinary life-long relationship you desire. With respect and simple yet effective “talk therapy,” you will learn to discuss things that matter most with each other.

Reasons Couples Seek Therapy

Some reasons couples often seek therapy include:


  • Wanting to understand one another more deeply 

  • Develop better communication patterns 

  • Infidelity 

  • Infertility 

  • Separation/divorce

  • Premarital counseling 

  • Sexual script/temperament discrepancies 

  • Life transitions such as marriage, becoming parents, loss or illness 

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