Child & Adolescent Therapy

Working with children and adolescents is a significant passion of mine since I was student teaching in Montessori, Elementary, and High Schools, furthered by my work as a clinician at Rady Children's Outpatient Psychiatry, and now currently in my private practice; for I believe that we have the power (and responsibility) as a society to help children reach their full potential.


I recognize the trust that is placed in me when you bring your children to my office and take this very seriously. I truly love being a part of their journey, and consider it a huge honor! I firmly believe that providing youth with a safe place in therapy allows them the opportunity to open up and develop further through understanding emotions, problem-solving, and creative expression! Even when they have a strong support system, youth can often benefit from having this special and private space, just for them, in which they can be listened to and feel at liberty to explore all of their fears, worries, dreams, and life journey experiences. Therapy can help support children and adolescents in gaining new skills to manage life stressors and deepen their ability to express their feelings in healthy and productive ways.​

Common issues worked on in therapy:

  • Difficulties managing social life

  • Support for managing life transitions (i.e. school changes, parental divorce, puberty, relocation)

  • Challenges managing life events (i.e. death, loss, illness, new family members, family dynamics)

  • Mood and behavioral issues

  • Self-esteem and identity issues

  • Body image issues

  • Sexual health, orientation and gender identity issues

  • Trauma & abuse

Family Therapy


Of course as a child & adolescent therapist, I encourage the family is involved through Family Therapy, when possible. Family therapy includes parents/caretakers, siblings, children, and extended family into treatment sessions. Life transitions, individual situations, and stressful events can add complexity and strain to family relationships. During the family therapy process, family members can explore the different dynamics and behavior patterns that exist within the family constellation, processing any issues that are creating challenges and/or obstacles to the family connection. 


Though it can be challenging, family therapy can help individuals gain deeper understanding and compassion for family members. My aim is to honor your unique family values and welcome each family member to invite vulnerability in, share their feelings, and deepen communication. I provide a safe environment for family dynamics to improve through focusing on your strengths as an avenue for success.




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