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Mindfulness &


Meditation by the sea

Mindfulness and self-compassion are a part of my practice and are often interwoven into sessions as I challenge the ways in which we, as human beings, can be self-critical and lack presence. I value mindfulness practice techniques as I hold the belief that by being present in the moments we experience can shift our perspective from negative thoughts to more positive ones and help us notice and appreciate the beauty around us, thus reducing symptoms.

Through developing love and compassion and directing it to ourselves, we can cultivate acceptance, calm and nonjudgmental presence, thus reducing depression, anxiety and stress. Research shows that the power of mindfulness and self-compassion practice can contribute to a more positive self-image, reduce rumination and worry, reduce sadness, increase resiliency, develop a healthier relationship with food, decrease addiction, enhance quality of relationships, expand joy, and increase focus.

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