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Women's Health

We are constantly facing sociocultural messages, from pop culture and advertising, traditional cultures, religion, and family or community at large, to behave and experience sex in certain ways. This distorted messaging can cause a general lack of understanding and education within womens sexual health, both for the women themselves as well as the rest of society. 

This is where I found my calling and began my research. In particular, many women are brought up in traditional cultures where sexuality is not a part of the conversation other than to be shamed. My expertise is in helping women work through this internalized shame from their upbringing to find comfort, freedom, and wellness as they reconstruct and understand their personal values around sexual health

Woman in the Nature

Common Issues I Work With

Though we have come a long way as a society, I believe that various communities continue to lack education around womens sexual health, especially when it comes to pleasure. I enjoy educating females on their rights to pleasure and their own bodies, as well as communities at large, of all genders.

Challenges in satisfying sexual relationship are not limited to the physical act of sex itself. They can stem from physiological, cultural, spiritual, family concerns, or relationship distress.

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

Pregnancy and Postpartum


I offer women a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential space to process and explore what they are struggling with, within all areas of sexual health and wellness. Many women need help and support during the transition in their relationships with the new self and body during pregnancy and postpartum.

It is common for women to struggle with body image issues before, during, and following pregnancy. This can affect the relationship with their own body, how they receive and experience pleasure, sexual desire, and self-confidence, as well as impact their overall health and relationship with themselves and their partners. 

As a relational therapist, I believe you cannot show up in relationships with others without first working on the relationship you have with yourself. Whether you need help following childbirth or with any shift in your intimacy and relationship, through talk therapy, mindfulness approaches, and self-compassion training, you can move towards aligning with your values and re-establishing or re-building the intimacy & relationship with yourself and others that you desire. 

Holistic Approach

There are various ways in which a woman can experience sexual dysfunction. I provide a thorough assessment through a holistic lens that can help determine the next steps in moving forward to get closer to your goals, however that may look for you. 

I will always give you my transparent clinical opinion. We may be able to work solely through talk therapy or I may encourage collaboration with other professionals. As the expert to your life, you are always in the driver's seat, determining the direction of your treatment and what you are comfortable pursuing, while I am in the passenger's seat providing guidance and directions.

Sex-Positive Parenting

Attitudes around sex begin their development at a young age. Therefore, it is critical that we pay attention to how we are talking about sex with our younger generations. When speaking to young girls, it is especially important to have open conversations about pleasure, body image, healthy boundaries, and assertiveness when educating them around sexual health and wellness.

Regain your Intimacy

My passion is working with a diverse population of women, of all ages, cultures, religions, and backgrounds. It is where I got started in the field of sexology, and a large source of where I continue to expand my research efforts through my doctorate dissertation work.

​I have helped many women in sex therapy with: 

  • Prenatal Care

  • Pregnancy, Fertility Issues, and Postpartum

  • Cycle Discrepancies 

  • Menopause and Hormone-Related Changes 

  • Sexual Difficulties Impacted By Stages of Life 

  • Desire and/or Arousal Concerns

  • Sexual Pain

  • Obstacles to Pleasure

  • Orgasm Difficulties

Begin your journey to healing and intimacy that you desire.

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