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Women's Health

Working with a diverse population of women, of all ages, culture, religion and background, is a passion of mine. It is actually where I got started in the field of sexology, and a large source of where I continue to expand my research efforts through my doctorate dissertation work.


Though we have come a long way as a society, I believe that various communities continue to lack education around female sexual health, especially when it comes to pleasure. I enjoy educating females themselves on their rights to pleasure & their own body, as well as communities at large, of all genders, especially at a young age when we are first starting to develop our attitudes around sex and sexuality. I find it critical that we do not leave pleasure out of the conversation when educating our younger generations around sexua health and wellness.


Furthermore, there are various ways in which a woman can experience sexual dysfunction. I provide thorough assessment through a holistic lens that can help us determine next steps in moving forward to get you closer to your optimal sexuality, whatever that may look like for you. We may be able to work through talk therapy only, or I may encourage collaboration with other professionals that can help us be successful in getting closer to your goals. I will always give my transparent clinical opinion, and you are always in the drivers seat to determine the direction of your treatment and what you are comfortable pursuing.