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Sexual Health & Intimacy

Anatomy Drawing

The human experience craves connection. Relationships often bring out our deepest fears and trigger memories of our most painful stories. The human need for both security and freedom within relationship can often make intimacy a challenge, yet we often desire intimate relationships.


Sexual Health looks, feels, smells and sounds differently for each individual. It is important we first find out what having a "healthy" sexuality and/or identity would be like for you, before starting the part of our work together towards helping you achieve that.

I view sexual health as a fundamental value and essential piece of health and well-being, in all of its forms and variations, and is unique to each individual. Sexual health,"requires a respectful and positive approach to sexual behavior and sexual pleasure (and) balances sexual rights such as safety, consent, non-coercion, non-discrimination with congruence between individual and societal sexual values, behavior and desires regarding sex with oneself and with others," (The Harvey Institute). Through this perspective, it is my belief that sexual health is a part of the basic pillars of the mind/body/spirit connection, alongside mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. 

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