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How Do I Know When I Need to Call a Sexual Health Therapist?

Many people want help with improving their sexual relationship with themselves or their partners but are afraid to discuss it or unsure if they should. As an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist, I respect and honor every clients’ goal(s) and help them feel comfortable, embrace vulnerability, and develop the self-compassion and self-love necessary to live a more fulfilling life.

Perhaps you have been looking for a non-judgemental environment to share your thoughts and emotions regarding your sexuality but aren’t sure where to turn. Or are you unsatisfied, anxious, or even depressed about a sexual issue? Here are a few signs that you may be a good fit to seek sexual health therapy.

Pain or difficulty during sex

Did you know there are many reasons (medical and psychological) for uncomfortable or even painful sex? First, visit a medical doctor to confirm there isn’t an underlying physical issue. Then, consider sex therapy and contact an AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist. Often, people are unaware of how intertwined their mind is with their physical body. To put it simply, certain mental stress can cause hyper-fixation, physical sensations, and pain.

“I help guide clients by providing education about anxiety and learning skills to add to your toolbox that together develops the ability to manage stressors more effectively and find balance in your life.”

You've experienced sexual trauma

Many people who have experienced a form of sexual assault may initially find help with general psychologists. However, the path to healing their sexual lives may often require sex therapy with the help of a certified sex therapist. Though it may feel like it now, your trauma does not define you or your sexuality. It may take some healing work to understand how to move forward after trauma, and sex therapists are here to support you on that journey.

Sexual differences with your partner(s)

We are all unique and when a partner has a desire/libido/sexual interest that may not match ours, such as exploring kink or fantasy, fear of damaging the relationship can inhibit the deepening of our relationship(s). Being vulnerableis the first step, and through compassion, love, and healthy understanding, you will develop the communication skills you need to connect to vulnerability versus fear and anxiety, and as a result have a healthier sex life both physically and emotionally.

Exploring gender identity and sexual orientation

Navigating questions about sexual orientation and gender identity alone can be scary and often discouraging. A certified sex therapist is able to provide education and empower you to feel confident in your sexual curiosity and exploration.

Performance, quality, function, and/or values

There are so many reasons to seek the help of a Clinical Sexologist, but they can often be grouped into one of these four: performance, quality, function, and/or values. Often, the most significant detriment to seeking help is fear or shame, personally or in your relationship(s). A certified sex therapist can be the nonjudgemental impartial trained person that ensures both you and your partner(s) are respecting each other and communicating from a place of love, rather than fear and anxiety.

If you’re looking for an AASECT-Certified and sex-positive therapist in San Diego or virtual sessions online, I would love to help you on your journey to sexual health and wellness.

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